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and well in the middle east including a resurgance in iraq and they are there in libya and this is a terrorist attack and they were foolish to deny it to start with. >> so how would you characterize the moment in our foreign policy? >> a moment of glaring weakness and chickens are coming home to roost. very briefly could i tell you in iraq it is unraveling. they just convicted the president to death penalty. al-qaida is resurgance. the relations between the three different enities sunni and shia and kurds is breaking down. iran is influence is increasing and iranian planes is flying over iraq to syria with arms for assad as we speak. in afghanistan we have had to adopt a policy and not training with the afghan troops, thoo moons they will not be ready to take over the responsibilitis and frankly they never were and so we have to evaluate our whole situation. the attack on the base in kandahar was the most offensive. we lost 200 million worth of airplanes in the death and tragic death of two marines and in syria, the massacre goes on. and finally in iran we continue on t
day in violence in iraq, 80 people killed in attacks over the last 24 hours alone. we'll get the latest. >> heather: pink slips are about to be given out to hundreds of u.s. sailors. now uncle sam wants to give them the boot. all the details straight ahead. >> gregg: we began with the presidential candidates making the final big push to november and with the race so very close, governor mitt romney and president obama are picking up the pace now and taking no votes for granted. take a look at latest daily tracking poll from real clear politics. it shows president obama leading romney 47.8 to 46.2% well within the margin of error. governor romney taking to the airwaves and he was talking about the tax cuts and week job numbers. >> my tax policy is designed to find a way to encourage more hiring in this country. i'm very concerned that we have 23 million people that are out of work or stopped looking for work and underemployed. everything i want to do follows simple principles, bring our rates down and keep revenue up by limiting deductions and exemptions and don't make a bigge
brought to muslims. it also shows a declining withdrawing america from iraq, from afghanistan, not being able to deal with terrorism in places like syria and the gaza strip and not being able to restrain iran and support for terrorism and nuclear weapons program. all of that continues of the impression of declining united states. >> jamie: and increasing sentiment of anti-americanism in places we wouldn't have expected it and those perceived as allies like pakistan in the news today. the question is, can this sentiment not only be from the protestors and from the treasureists of the world but also from the governments of these countries that we need to count as our allies in a war against terror? >> pakistan is very, very difficult country from the u.s. perspective and in the news recently a call for hundred thousand bounty who kills the maker of this movie. they have repudiated that. the head of the party that made the call got 2% of the vote. i think if the radical forces, the islamist forces in muslim countries are, to go up their demands and rioting in the streets, if the united stat
in the disgraceful moment in the state department, saying going to iraq would be a death sentence. that wasn't true. we didn't lose diplomats there. but it's true that people could be deterred from taking dangerous posts. but we have to learn to rely on allies who are on our side of what we see as a threat. but we need to step back and begin to tell the truth. the threat against us is not just al qaeda. there is a violent ideology that is politicized, seeking to use opportunities like the video and other kinds of things to push us out of the region and to criticize those who stand against this islamist movement in the region. >> last question, of all the countries, 20 or more where there are protests, who is with us? which countries, do you think we can rely on the most to supportinous our efforts to calm things down? >> there are many countries that are deeply disturbed by the uncertainty that is unfolding there. many around the gulf coast have tried in their ways to influence outcomes in libya, for instance, and the new government in libya, while this was a terrible event that occurred there, the
. but i think it will be laid in the context of the president not only having stopped the war in iraq, gone and violated pakistani air space, which wasn't done before, and getting al qaeda in pakistan, that's bin laden and putting it in the context of 12 embassies attacked in the 8 years of the bush administration and losing a u.s. diplomat in pakistan and our president recognizing that we have to shift our focus, not just in the global war on terror, but to dhiena. i think this may take a bit of luster off, but overall, i think it's quite a good step that he has taken for america, securing our peace and prosperity. >> eric: that's the final word. >> thank you for having me. >> eric: thank you both. >> jamie: major development in the showdown over iran's nuclear program. the economic sanctions are stinging hard with the israeli finance minister, saying iran's economy is paying a heavy price for nuclear activity, edging on collapse, he said. so diplomacy is taking center stage at the u.n. general assembly. the prime minister warning the world that iran must be given a red line, accordi
. many of them served in iraq and afghanistan and they have comrades that did not survive. they wanted to make sure that the children of the fallen soldiers are taken care of. this is about raising scholarship money and passing it on. they started in san diego making their way all across this nation many of them served overseas through kansas, through utah. moving across and finally up to the northeast and cruising through all of manhattan today. it was an amazing journey. weaving in and out of all the different roads and over the george washington bridge. an absolutely incredible crew of people. some of these have completed ironman competition. there is a wounded warrior. several of the participants now work on wall street the they are coming back home. biking isn't the only way but there are ways for folks at home. if they are interested finding out the amazing heroes, you can go to 911 hero >> heather: we watched it from the beginning when they begin in california. we checked in with them at arizona. i want to know how their legs feel today. why they are still stand
support for the syrian opposition. >> jamie: violence in iraq, 58 people killed in attacks there including a car bomb near kirkuk. the bomb strike, a group of police recruits were hit, they were waiting to apply for jobs, 8 people died, and, more than a dozen others were injured. all of the recruits were sunni muslims. a senior police commander blames the attack on al qaeda but did not provide any further specifics. >> eric: in pakistan a leader of the haqqani network now saying captured u.s. soldier, sergeant beau birgdoll will not be harmed, they deny they are holding the american, who went missing three years ago, saying a splinter group has this sergeant but the commander warned the u.s. and nato can expect stepped up attacks in afghanistan, in response to the obama administration designating the haqqani network a terrorist organization. how could this affect or relationship with pakistan and impact the war in afghanistan? joining us now as he does every sunday, this sunday, at this time, former ambassador to the u.n., josh bolton, also a fox news contributor. >> good morning. >> eric:
east, rogers thinks, makes the point that the u.s. is disengaging and pulled out of iraq without a long term force there and are p pulling out of afghanistan and, the friends don't know whether they can depend on us and our enemies don't feel they have to fear us. >> jamie: comprehensive on questions and answers from both the guests, we will not miss it. thank you very much and you can catch the full interview with the house intelligence committee chairman, mike rogers on fox news sunday and also susan rice as chris mentioned 2:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. and check your local listings as well, don't miss it. an important time in the world, eric? >> eric: coming up, surprising news about fish oil supplements, surprising studies about that you will not want to miss. a lot of folks take fish oil for your heart. well, how much do they really help? oh no, not a migraine now. try this... bayer? this isn't just a headache. trust me, this is new bayer migraine. [ male announcer ] it's the power of aspirin plus more in a triple action formula to relieve your tough migraines. new bayer migraine formula
states while heavily engaged in the past is decembe disengaging no. they look at iraq and how we left iraq and left no forces to influence the government from. they it look at afghanistan. we have a time table to leave and that makes a big statement in the region. they look at the iranians. they are double stepping now to increase their capacity to have a nuclear weapon. the ieae said in the last quarter they doubled their efforts and they are moving towards that weapon. thisth is the number one fear in the middle east is the iranians with a nuclear weapon and they are not confident that the united states is going to stop that from happening. even in the transitional governments that we see forming that maybe are the future and hope of the region and it is going to be very complex to be sure, they want to see us more involved in helping influence the transitional governments because all these countries to include our friendly countries, all have radical islamic movements in the countries vying for political power and influence and that is what you see on the walls of our embassy. thos
in iraq and afghanistan. use of predator drones. our capacity to deny iran capacity to enrich while we allow the israelis and indians to have nuclear weapons. you have that. not an arab spring but islamist spring. with the rise of the governments to bar against muslims is much higher and new governments that are willing are unable to take the kinds of measures that would stop this sort of thing. they are unwilling or unable to do so. this is not something you can lay directly at obama's doorstep. this has been a problem that has been building for a long time. the real challenge is, it's going to be really difficult to stop. it's going to ebb and flo and we're going to have manage as best we can. the conventional wisdom, change our policy and everything will be fine. all the american sentiment, anti-american sentiment will dissipate. i think that is wrong. this anger is to a large degree inelastic. it's going to continue for a lot of reasons. >> gregg: our correspondent in egypt reports that these protestors have not seen the anti-muslim film. in fact a correspondent the man that organi
ended the war in iraq how happy were they. let me tell you how happy i was when he killed osama bin laden. and i went down to the 9-11 memorial and celebrated with thousands of strangers. we were happy on that day. we are happy that he has drawn down the war in afghanistan. there are many, many i think moments that romney is completely dismissing that this line of attack is not going to play well with people who can say, you know what? his record actually has affected me in significant ways and there is not -- they're not going to buy how you like me now tour. of course he's going to get a bump out of the convention, to be expected. he can enjoy it for a few weeks. but it's not going to last. >> rick: matt, were you surprised by how hard the ticket seems to be going after the youth vote? this is a group of voters who typically do vote democrat. but we had that line from congressman ryan the other night talking directly to those recent college grads saying it's time to stop looking at that fading obama poster in your bedroom in your mom and dad's house and start to start making a mov
and the afghanistan and iraq veteran is spending a few days at home with his family before rejoining his unit in new york. and that's it for me here in washington and kelly wright and jamie colby standing by with the latest on that tornado watch that's covering the entire new york city region. and the
with how we ended the war in iraq . he want to finish the war in afghanistan and complete and not with draw arbitrarily and get the country stabilized before we finish doing what needs to be done. basod what we have heard. i think he would be effective. >> romney made it clear that iran with a nuclear weapon is unacceptable . so far the obama white house relied on sanctions that have not stopped iran from moving forward with the nuclear ambitions. what do you expect romney would do in a situation like going beyonds . >> he set military options on the table and so has the administration. the problem we have here, israelis do not believe that our military option is credible . don't believe we would do it. and more importantly the iranians don't believe it. and that's what is moving the israelis closer to a military action. romney as a cand date said that military option would be on the table and he would use it. none theless, you have to wait until he is elected and in office to understand what that means. he has to get full briefings on the details was all of that . he's not had the details
.s. diplomates hostage. they've made war on us through proxies in iraq. kidnapped hostages through proxies like hezbollah in lebanon. really, a dangerous regime. so, the benefit, the onu is on them and not doing a lot to asuede israel and the united nations. >> jamie: great point. i guess on a week where we're talking about transparency and getting information right and telling the american people the truth, i just was curious if our folks in charge of overseeing this concern are asking the right questions. let me ask you about the prime minister and his discussion and in fact, his board and diagram and red line, effective? >> yeah, i don't think so. you know, the problem israel has, i think it's completely understandable from their point of view, but a lot of their messaging sounds very similar to what we heard in the bush administration in 2007, 2008, warnings that iran was about to be at a critical stage of the nuclear program above the '08 election and now before the 12 election. the big news, the take away from prime minister netanyahu's speech, it moves the critical deadline to spring or
distributed network kinds of operation. al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula, al-qaeda in iraq examine so on. that does make it more difficult for our intelligence agencies to track them down because there are fewer leads. it's just harder to penetrate. i think what that emphasizes is we need an assessment. did we perhaps let our guard down again? do we need more intelligence resources in the region and elsewhere in the world? >> arthel: then the other question is, the newly formed government there, are they capable of protecting u.s. diplomatic interests? >> that is a very serious that the writ of the government does not run country wide. their ability to try examine keep order and protect -- and keep order and protect foreign diplomats is open to question. one of the things we've been worried about since the overthrow of gadhafi is that the libyan state itself might fracture and you would end up with a situation in somalia where there is no effective state control. there is a series of enclaves in which terrorists could take root. soy think that's a very serious situation and perhaps elsew
the latest toll of troops killed in afghanistan, 2,000. a string of car bombs have killed at least 19 in iraq, in shiite neighborhoods across the country. they are believed to be a ploy to spark sectarian conflict and undermine the government. there was a minor earthquake in dallas. the u.s. geological survey said it was a 3.4 on the richter scale. it's possible they could see aftershocks over the next few days. those are the top story, back to you. >> shannon: thank you, peter. >> i have made restoring the american dream my life's work because without it, i wouldn't be where i am today. >> shannon: that's vernon parker, who is running for congress. he has been tapped for the g.o.p. weekly address, seeing him as one of the most promising candidates. but his opponents claim he is a 53 party supporter, who wants to get rid of education. sir, thank you for your time. >> hello. thanks for having me this morning. >> >> shannon: you know, one of the most well-viewed ads against you does contain a quote, talking about doing away with the department of education. tell us why and how you respond to ac
supplier could be to blame. >>> and actress angelina jolie is pushing the plight of refugees in iraq. the star trying to raise awareness about the estimated 50,000 people who left syria to escape the violence. >> gregg: a war of words and the floor of the house of representatives yesterday between house majority leader eric cantor and the minority whip, steny hoyer. they were blaming one another for the failure of the chamber to address crucial issues like taxes and jobs and the deficit. all of this against the backdrop of a record low congressional approval rating, according to gallup. watch this. >> there is not agreement right now that we ought to raise taxes in this economy. the best thing we can do is create a job. those 98% of americans and 97% of small business ought not to get a tax increase on january 1. and very frankly, you didn't respond to me, i presume you agree with that. what you don't agree with is that if we don't do it all on something we disagree with, that's what's causing gridlock in congress. that's what is causing this congress to be the least productive congr
with the terrorists and al qaeda. now it is disengagement. you just saw the spokesperson, we are leaving iraq, we are leaving afghanistan. >>heather: now, live from washington, dc, steve, what were the president's critics saying on the talk shows? >>guest: they say it is the president's foreign policy that led to the new turmoil in the middle east which is a big problem for the president going into the november election and a possible opening for mitt romney. the chairman of the house intelligence committee said today it was not a video mocking mohammed that triggered the unrest but animosity to the west. >> saying it is a video causing the problem, obviously the bad guys will use this as a reason but we need more than that. >>reporter: john mccain said the president has also made serious mistakes in afghanistan and syria. >>heather: steve, how is the administration, then, defending itself? >>guest: the u.n. ambassador countered the claim that the video was not the main trigger and said it was and that the future course of events is unclear. >> there is no predicting exactly what the trajection o
Search Results 0 to 35 of about 36 (some duplicates have been removed)